A Target for Nerf Guns?

In September, I sought a protective order because he was hacking into my home security system and covertly coming into my home. This picture is a glass chandelier that hangs about 12-14 feet above the floor in my foyer. You can see the fingerprint on it. This was one of the pieces of evidence I used to show that he had been in the home (while a protective order forbidding him from coming within 100yds of the house was still in place). There were several other fingerprints on this chandelier as well.

During the protective order hearing, his attorney asked him about this chandelier and the marks on it, he said that he and the kids would use it as a target for nerf guns. Of course, I know this to be complete bullshit because I was living in the house with all of them and I know this never happened.

  • First off, what kind of adult teaches children that a glass chandelier is an acceptable target for nerf guns?
  • Second, the nerf gun darts that we had in the house would not have left these types of marks.
  • Third, he said that using it as a target occurred “frequently”. Wouldn’t there be a whole lot more marks than this if it had frequently been a target?

The next part of his sworn testimony was that if someone had grabbed the chandelier by the top, where this fingerprint is, then the whole chandelier would’ve shifted. But wait, as you can see in this picture, the chandelier had been shifted. How did he know that where someone grabbed it would determine whether or not it would have shifted unless he was the one who caused this shift?

In January, I hired a domestic violence investigator who had me do a Mosaic Threat Assessment. This assessment is designed to help you see what your actual level of danger is from an abuser and/or stalker. He scored a 9 out of 10. In the description of this Mosiac assessment they talk about how true perps will make up creative stories to try to talk their way out of whatever crimes they’ve committed (think OJ’s glove). To me, lying about teaching children to use a glass chandelier as a target for nerf guns seems pretty creative…

The end result of this protective order hearing was that it was denied. I was told I was not credible while he was told he was credible. The judge–who I later found out served as a volunteer in the same small organization as him for a number of years (I can’t be the only one who sees a conflict of interest here) then proceeded to berate me in front of my abuser and accuse me of only seeking a protective order to try and gain the upper hand in our custody case.

It felt like a scene straight out of a really bad movie. “I’m sorry, your honor, he just told you that he teaches children to use a glass chandelier as a target for nerf guns, and you’re telling me that he’s credible and I’m not???”

…And this is only the beginning…

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