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  1. I can no longer walk due to permanent neurological damage the one time my abuser hit me, in the 23rd year of being together. He left, thank God, shortly after, owing me $350k… he spent a couple of years siphoning money out of my sole bank account leaving me destitute. I supported him thru 15 years of unemployment and most of the remaining years…he and his mistress put me on the street intentionally by lying to my apt Mgr about my (erroneous) intentions to move. I have had Lyme Disease 30 yrs. and my legs don’t work and he put me on the street,
    …like you, police never even questioned him, although he would face 10 felony charges if a prosecutor cared.

    Thank you for sharing your story. GG

  2. Awful. People are purposefully ignoring how commonly Survivors of abuse are further abused in a legal system built by and for sociopaths, psycopaths, and Narcissists. Don’t dare include for profit pharma and psychiatrists killing us with medicines they know are statistically ineffective. I’m sorry you had to observe all of this.

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