Eating Well is an Act of Self-Love

How to Love Yourself

If you’re a victim of abuse, especially narcissistic abuse, your number one priority needs to be on loving yourself. Loving yourself is your armor, your shield, your best defense against ever allowing another one of these perpetrators back into your life to violate your boundaries and trample your self-worth.

There are many different ways of loving yourself but eating well is in the top 3. What you eat determines how you feel both physically and emotionally. When you’re recovering from this type of abuse you deserve to do absolutely everything in your power to help yourself feel good on a day to day basis.

My background is in nutrition and changing what I ate was the first step I took on my healing journey so long ago. You can do the same. Because I feel this is so critically important to helping you feel strong and empowered I offer my self-love eating plan to my readers for a heavily discounted price. If you need even more support, 1 on 1 coaching is also an option. In personal coaching I can teach you about some incredibly powerful supplements that will increase your serotonin and Gaba levels. These are the neurotransmitters that help you feel happy and calm.

Click here to access the Self-Love Eating Plan.

September Burton
September Burton Eating Plan

Reach out to me if you want to share your story or learn more about the eating plans and coaching I offer.

What else have you done to give yourself more love?

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