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Exposing the Lies pt. 1

A huge piece of my healing journey is seeing the truth behind all the lies. This type of abuse does, after all, leave the victim feeling as they’re completely crazy. Seeing the truth reminds me that I am not the crazy one.

Exposing the Lies is going to be a very long series of posts (because there were an astounding number of lies). This first one is a simple, somewhat white lie that he kept up for the entire 5-year duration of the relationship.

When we were first getting to know each other he told me his undergrad degree was a triple major in math, finance, and accounting. I found out after the separation that his undergrad degree is actually in business. Now, a business degree is perfectly respectable and knowing this would not have changed anything on my end but for him to lie and keep that lie up for 5 full years is mind-blowing. How did he do that??? This actually shows that he believes that he and his accomplishments are not good enough. Which is really sad, I think.

Maybe we should all start calling the schools they say they attended and vetting the info they give us? Seems a little extreme to me but I think if I had caught him in this lie that would have been enough of a red flag to make me get out of the relationship and stay out.

Compared to lies he told later on. This one is as little and white as it gets…but it’s still worth exposing.

Gaslighting is a huge part of narcissistic abuse and lies are one of the many forms of gaslighting. Exposing the truth will begin to help you heal after narcissistic abuse.

What are some of the lies you’ve been told?

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