September Burton

His Guns

We had been casual friends for several months before we started dating so I felt comfortable with him by the time I spent the night at his house the first time.

The following morning he took me downstairs, into his basement, to show me his gun collection. Only now, do I see the symbolic nature of this. We were together 5 more years after this and never again, after that morning, did we look at his guns. He never went shooting, never looked at his collection, and only rarely even talked about his guns.

If he wasn’t into guns enough to go out shooting and do anything with them, why did he need to have this vast collection, and why was it so important to him that I knew they were there from day one?

He took me down into his basement to show me his large collection of weapons as a way of establishing his control and dominance, and letting me know that there would be consequences if I ever stepped out of line.

This sends chills down my spine…and the police have never so much as brought him in for questioning. They told me they were afraid he would sue the department.

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