How Does That Happen??

Less than a week after I fled my home for safety I was sitting in a bar in Hawaii when a gentleman came up and sat on the stool next to me to order himself and his wife some drinks. He had an intriguing accent so I asked where he was from. We started having a nice conversation when his wife walked up to see what was taking so long. As soon as she approached I knew there was something special about this woman. She was someone I wanted and needed to meet.

We started talking and ended up exchanging phone numbers. A couple days later she and I were on the phone and I was crying as I was telling her my story of running from a stalker and having to leave my children behind. She said to me “September, 10 years ago I had to leave my children behind for very similar reasons. For every one of us that walks away we empower thousands of other women”.

There are not many moms who are left with no choice but to leave their children behind. For me it was a decision of–are my children better off with a mother who is far away or with a mother who is dead?

The synchronicity of meeting another woman who had walked the path I was on and had come out of it stronger than I could’ve imagined being at the time, is uncanny. And I thank God every day for meeting that woman. She supported me, she encouraged me, she loved me through my pain. She was a gift.

What synchronicity’s have you experienced on your healing journey? Comment below to share with us.

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