How I Healed From Abuse and Trauma

What Is Trauma Brain?

Have you ever experienced trauma brain? I remember driving around town for an hour trying to decide what restaurant I wanted to eat lunch at. I’m a decisive person, I would get so mad at myself because I’m someone who makes a choice and sticks with it. Then, I would turn on Pandora and skip every song until it wouldn’t let me skip anymore. This was my station, my favorite music, my favorite songs and I would skip every single one because I couldn’t make a decision. Trying to make decisions about something as simple as what song you want to listen to can be the most difficult thing in the world when you’re in trauma brain.

At the second women’s shelter I stayed in, I was talking to the shelter director the day I arrived and she asked me a question about an abuse incident. I gave her a blank stare for a moment, then tried to wrack my brain to be able to remember so I could answer her. No matter how hard I tried the answer never came. She saw me struggling and then said “that’s okay. It’s trauma brain”. I remember feeling so relieved when she said that. She wasn’t going to keep pushing and try to pressure me into recalling a memory that just didn’t want to be recalled in that moment. I was so grateful to her for just simply moving on in the conversation. The sense of relief made me want to melt into the chair.

What You Can Do for Complex PTSD

Because I know these things are not reflective of who I really am, I set out to find answers–and more importantly–solutions. I’ve been into nutrition since I was about 20 and have worked as a health coach for many years. One thing I know is that when you eat very clean and healthy your organs process your molecules of emotions much more easily. So, I went on a very clean diet to make sure my the overwhelming emotions would get processed. I also completely gave up alcohol for a while. I love a good glass of wine, delicious craft beer, or a nice cocktail but alcohol is not going to help your brain heal from trauma. I believe giving up alcohol, at least temporarily, is an absolute must. Then, to speed the healing process up even more I started doing amino acid therapy. Your neurotransmitters, i.e. dopamine, serotonin, etc. are created from specific amino acids. When you begin to supplement these amino acids, in the correct doses, your brain can get back to a happy, calm, and relaxed state again surprisingly quickly. And last but not least, I walk. I believe that the rhythmic back and forth movement that is a natural part of walking actually has a similar effect on your brain as EMDR. It passes the memories back and forth between the left and right hemispheres of your brain which helps to remove the intense emotions from the memories.

Combining all of these things has helped me to restore my life after the extreme abuse I suffered. I still have moments or days where the trauma brain will reappear but the frequency and severity are both becoming less and less with each passing day. The message that I want to send out to women is that you can restore your life after abuse.

Once you restore your life and your sense of self you grow so strong and powerful that abusers will instantly sense your strength and know to stay away from you.

Here’s to your healing, your joy, your power.

With Love,

P.S. If you want a clean eating plan that is completely laid out for you and that you can easily follow click here. And if you want to learn more about amino acid therapy and get support, click here to email me.

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