Stalking through children's cell phone

Stalking Through Children’s Cell Phones

When we were still together we had downloaded apps onto my two oldest children’s cell phones to monitor their activity. The intention was to make sure they weren’t visiting inappropriate websites or getting into things that, as a mom, I wouldn’t want them getting involved with. I’m not a helicopter mom but I did want to keep an eye on the basics and get alerts if necessary. However, these apps were pretty inclusive and allowed monitoring of text messages, location, web activity, etc.

One day I woke up and had an odd notification from this app that I had never seen before. It said that the info had been retrieved and sent. This happened a few times and finally I emailed the company to find out what these notifications meant. I told them I was being stalked and wanted to see if the person who was stalking me was monitoring things through the children’s phones.

The company wrote me back with screenshots of the activity and verified that there were specific commands coming from my stalkers phone to monitor the activity, and specifically the location, of my children’s cell phones. These were not his biological children and he had walked out of their lives without so much as a goodbye so this behavior would not have been considered acting in a “parental capacity”. This was stalking.

The emails and screenshots show the requests were definitely being manually sent from his phone. During the protective order hearing he was questioned about this and he replied that he didn’t remember the last time he had looked at that app. He said it could’ve been a couple of weeks or a few months. And the judge accepted this response…

When I told police they told me to buy the kids new phones. Seriously? He’s stalking through children and your only response is that I should buy the kids new phones? Yes, of course that’s going to happen but what do you think a man who’s willing to stalk through children is going to do next? You really think that’s going to suddenly make him decide to stop stalking? A man who didn’t even wait a full day to get back into my security system after winning the protective order hearing? Buying them new phones isn’t going to stop a stalker who’s violated protective orders!

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