The Therapy Motion

At one point my 3 year old daughter began randomly pooping on the floor. To me, this was a huge red flag that she was really struggling to process the separation as well as seeing her mother living in fear. While I tried my best to be happy and upbeat when my kids were around, we all know they feel their parents emotions. They have a 6th sense for it.

I emailed his attorney and we began making plans to get my daughter, and possibly even her two younger sisters, into play therapy. However, her father never really liked the idea, stating that he was “afraid I would lie to the therapist about him”. This was happening around the same time as our temporary orders hearing. That hearing happened in front of an honest judge who saw right through this man and was pretty upset with his bullshit by the time we left that courtroom. The judge gave him a very glaring look at one point and said “I’m putting it in the minutes that you’re not encouraging these children’s relationship with their mother”.

The other thing that happened during that temporary orders hearing was that I saw a micro expression on the face of his attorney. It was a look that showed that he realizing that I was not the crazy, psycho woman I had been made out to be. After that, this attorney’s behavior toward me changed and he began encouraging my children’s father to work with me rather than simply trying to destroy me.

Next thing I knew that attorney was gone, either having quit or been fired, I don’t know. Regardless, he was replaced by another attorney who came in like a bull with bullying and threats. Literally, the first email I received from him was a threat. I explained why the situation they were threatening me about was actually their client behaving as a child throwing a temper tantrum and suddenly that issue simply disappeared and was never discussed again (presumably because I had proof that his client was the one who was in the wrong in that situation).

I tried to continue the conversations about getting the girls into play therapy but my attempts were met with a man, who is not trained in child psychology in any way, trying to bully me into backing down. I finally chose to simply file a motion believing that no judge would possibly deny a motion for the children to enter therapy, especially in such a difficult situation. However, that’s exactly what this judge did. My motion to get my children into therapy was denied. To this day, my children are being denied support from a mental health professional. I was more than willing to collaborate on which therapist we took them, I was more that willing to work out frequency, and how the sessions were set up, etc. This denial and refusal to get them professional help is disgusting and horrific parenting.

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